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HF100 plasma Capacitve Height Controller

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HF100 Capacitve Height Controller Plasma

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The cut quality for thermal cutting processes is affected by the amount of clearance between the torch tip and cutting material. Automatic control of the clearance span lets you make a smooth, quality cut at higher speeds with the least amount of dross.

HF100 lets you achieve and maintain the optimum amount of cut clearance and can provide the following economical advantages:

  • Less preparation time because the HF100 controller quickly establishes the correct amount of clearance.
  • Increased productivity as a result of higher cutting speeds.
  • Optimum cut quality, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary processing.
  • Identical cut quality on all machines.
  • Fully automatic CNC machines.

The HF100 controller also provides the following advantages:

  • Clearance is measured using a capacitive system allowing reproducible setting and maintenance of the once adjusted clearance.
  • The lifter motor is controlled by a transistorized H-bridge Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) amplifier using armature voltage feedback and adjustable current limitation.
  • For automation purposes, the integrated control logic offers an In-position signal that can also be used to detect cut-outs or collision with tip-ups.
  • Automatic retract of the torch if the high-frequency cable is broken or damaged. You can override this feature when in Manual mode and continue cutting until the problem can be corrected.
  • Automatic retract in Manual mode if a collision occurs with work piece or tip-up. The retract action stops when collision is cleared.
  • Visual fault codes to aid in quick troubleshooting.
  • The functions are implemented in a single control box that also contains the adjustment knobs for clearance and sensitivity.
  • Upgrade compatible to HFA2 controller




Mains Supply:           AC24V±10%,50/60 Hz, 150 W

Lifter Motor:                24 VDC MOTOR

ENV. Temperature:  

Control Box:               -10℃∽60℃

HF Cable:                   -55℃∽200℃

Senser Distance:      5mm-20mm,adjustable。

Accuracy:                   ±0.2mm

Length of HF Cable:       1000mm

Sensor Type:             Ring

Sensor Dimensions:       Outer diameter80 mm,

                                        Inner diameter40 mm