RDCAM8.01.18 driver For RDLC6442 controller.


For RDLC6442 controllers with color screens and networking capability.

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For RDLC6442 controllers.

Please just make sure if you use Windows 7/10 that you have done all the Windows updates especialy the usb driver updates.

Download and install into CorelDraw X4/X5/X6/X7/X8 and make sure that you run Coreldraw X4/X5/X6/X7/X8 as a administrator otherwise you will get a runtime error 75.

Do the driver installation directly after you connect the laser machine to your USB cable and make sure that the laser machine is switched on.

To get this icon to show on CorelDraw after installation you might need to go to:
Run Macros
Press the down button next to Macros in: and select GlobalMacros (RDWorks_V_.gms)
Select RDWorksV_ UserInit and press Run
Grab the icons and move in your toolbox.
 The file size is 7.37MB