Waterjet cutting machines

Standard waterjet

Three-axis water cutting machine, composed of X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis coordinate system, in the high-pressure water jet by adding abrasive, you can achieve the stone, metal, ceramics, glass and other hard material cutting,Ultra-high pressure generator cutting capacity of up to 100mm

Dynamic waterjet

The AC 5-axis system adds the A axis (around the X-axis rotation) and C axis(around the Z-axis) based on the standard three-axis (X-axis Y-axis Z-axis). AC 5-axis system is the most popular 5-axis system in the world market at present.
In order to meet the world market demand, Head company developed the same level 5-axis system compared with the world’s most advanced 5-axis system. It has good quality and performance at low cost.

Portable waterjet

The portable water jet cutting machine a flexible cutting solution for customers, which is mainly applied in weld surroundings for in flammable and explosive cutting, for instance,waste tank hole cutting, gas pipeline cutting, line of intersection and profilecutting, and the sheet plate cutting.

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